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Selfie with a sculpture alert: 30-foot ‘Rocket’ lands at Boca Raton Innovation Campus

Hubert Phipps’ 30-foot stainless steel sculpture “Rocket” traveled over 8,000 miles to arrive as the new centerpiece at Boca Raton Innovation Campus, 5000 T-Rex Ave. Faced with a string of challenges, Phipps, who is highly respected for his abstract sculptures and paint pigment drawings, overcame a pandemic and thousands of miles of shipping to see his sculpture finally touch down in Boca Raton.

Art joins tech on iconic BRiC campus

BRiC owner and Crocker Partners’ managing partner Angelo Bianco and marketing director Giana Pacinelli collaborated with Zero Empty Spaces. A hallway of stunning images has turned a blank canvas into an art gallery at BRiC. Thirty original works were unveiled in one of the iconic former IBM buildings on Boca Raton Innovation Campus. The art is for sale, and prices, titles and descriptions are on notecards next to each piece, similar to art galleries and museums minus the prices.

Festival of Arts Boca went global

Grammy Award-winning Florida-based violinist James Ehnes was presented by the Boca Raton Innovation Campus. Festival All-Stars featuring Festival music director Constantine Kitsopoulos performed at The Addison.